Nao’s Debut Album ‘For All We Know’

‘Like Velvet’ aptly describes that vocal flair of Nao’s and it’s the apt introduction to her debut album ‘For All We Know’.

An unapologetically unique kind of record, this is the album that’s worth the time it’s taken for Nao to come into her own. Gradually emerging into the scene with a steady string of independent releases and guest features, then eventually leading up to singles and shows following her major label signing, Nao has unequivocally cut her own lane. Although she’s been hiding away from view in her own video visuals its perhaps the ‘less is more’ mantra that suits her style better as there’s no need for her to prove to anyone that you don’t have to cut an industry mould to make it.

Making the most of this moment by putting as much of herself into an album across 18 tracks, Nao stacks up a consistent set of synth pop with an edge of hardened soul. Tuning into a self-confidence to master her own doubts, at 28 Nao has grown into her own and enlisting the executive producer talents of Grades, ensures that sound is future proof. Maybe that case of ‘less is more’ would have sufficed for a stronger album with fewer tracks, but nonetheless after this debut, ‘For All We Know’, Nao can go anywhere from here.

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