Nathan Miller Previews New ‘LDN’ Documentary Trailer

London has seen the rise and fall of multiple genres from Garage to Dubstep to Funky House. It’s a city with a global appeal and a place that has long been considered a hotspot bringing collective strands of culture together. When seen from the eye of many Londoners, it’s also a view close-up from tower blocks, Morleys or sitting on the back of buses – a perspective not often seen clearly through the documentary lens.

Spring 2017 will see the release of London based filmmaker Nathan Miller’s new documentary ‘LDN’, exploring the true underbelly of a musical landscape that has never looked richer or more vibrant. Taking viewers in the field, his new trailer promises a look at some of London’s brightest creatives. The producers, DJ’s, Photographers as well as the musicians that work to give the culture a shine.

Shot beyond studios and shows, Miller’s ‘LDN’ documentary aims to reverse previous one-sided accounts of the scene in favour of a depiction that is as honest as it is multi-layered. LDN brings together the most prominent contemporary figureheads and personalities, including J-Hus, Novelist, Kojey Radical, 67 amongst many others who all feature in the new trailer.

A direct portal into the immersive and creative world of London that exists beneath a monochrome mainstream; LDN could soon be required viewing for the slew of American YouTubers interested in what lies behind those UK bars and what it really means to be from LDN.