Nathan Miller Shows Us Another Side of the 6 with ‘NORTHSIDE’

Back in April of this year, Nathan Miller delivered us an intimate and detailed view of the UK’s burgeoning rap and grime scene with ‘LDN’ which was welcomed by both fans and critics alike. The video itself has amassed over 340,000 views in just under 5 months and has been praised for its honest portrayal of the scene and the characters within.

DJ Semtex called it “both unapologetically raw and natural, [it is] a film that accurately represents us and what we do”. After such a massive success, it was always wondered what Miller would do next and that question has been answered with the release of his latest documentary ‘NORTHSIDE’, which sees him head to across the pond to Canada, well Toronto to be precise.

While many associate the 6 with the likes of Drake and The Weeknd, Miller set out to shine light of the artists who haven’t had their moment, yet. Featuring Smoke Dawg, Jimmy Prime, Sean Leon and CMDWN, the 16 minute piece looks into each of their lives and sees them on the brink, balancing the desire to succeed with the reality of life. Watching NORTHSIDE, a common theme throughout seems to be opportunity; how each of these artists values it, and while others have seized it, some reflect on when their opportunity will ultimately come. Catching these artists in a pivotal moment in their career is truly special and Miller documents their stories which such passion. It is also clear that they are proud of where they come from and why they embrace their unique identity;

“It’s not LA it’s not Chicago, it’s not New York, it’s not Atlanta, it’s not Miami, its Toronto. We are who we are and I don’t think we should be running from that identity” – Sean Leon

Many may or may not know that Nathan quit his 9-5 to undertake the aforementioned LDN project and looked to maintain his momentum with this latest project. While not serving as a follow up, NORTHSIDE retains Miller’s signature style, combining intimate freestyles and studio sessions along with drive by landscape style visuals. Miller has commented that this project came through his own hustle and networking and culminated in him premiering the documentary in Toronto itself. The attention to detail is paramount to his overall output and this latest offering just shows how much he has to offer as a filmmaker.

Take NORTHSIDE in, get to know the names of the future and much love to Nathan Miller.