Nature Reclaims The Bad Blood In Nao’s Video

Nao has just revealed her new video for ‘Bad Blood’ featuring a female force of nature setting out to reclaim the industrial wasteland of a derelict post-apocalytic site.

When nature reclaims what rightfully belongs to her, she’ll do it by creeping into the crevices of old abandoned sites, breathing new life into those spaces, and it’s a sight that’s both eery and beautiful as we’ve seen in actual industrial cities like DetroitDirected by Ian Pons Jewell, the new video for ‘Bad Blood’ personifies the spirit of the lyric ‘Silent day, stripped away, time and place‘, as we see a naked woman bringing nature into force possessing the inhabitants within the decayed ruins.

Bad Blood’ is the first single taken from Nao’s forthcoming debut album and speaking to Billboard, Nao explains the inspiration in her music is very much rooted in the sound of the 90’s  – “I’m a ’90s girl and that’s the sort of music I was listening to growing up, so naturally when I’m writing, a lot of that comes out without me thinking about it.” Rumoured to have recently signed a major label deal – the as yet unknown label has put its force behind Nao, and they’re clearly setting their sights to bringing her to the fore in 2016.