Need2Soul Close Out 15 Year Run With Body & Soul at 1st of a 2-part Finale

I can’t imagine anything better than dancing through a Sunday to the sounds of Soul music. This weekend Need2Soul are staging an unmissable 8 hour set from Body & Soul closing out their incredible 15 year run of underground sounds in the UK.

The legendary party series and label are teaming up with Fabric to throw two final shows. The first in the two-part finale is an all-day show on Sunday 3rd December 2017, in dedication to Need2Soul’s roots and as a celebration of the city who’s sounds inspired the brand’s inception.

Part one on Sunday brings the iconic NYC trio Body & Soul for an 8-hour session with Danny Krivit, François K and Joe Claussell. Founded in 1996, Body & Soul have been at the bedrock of underground music culture in New York for more than twenty years. Famed for their weekly parties that united people of all casts and colours, Body & Soul epitomises the utopian shared experience of the 90s dance music movement. An ethos shared passionately by Need2Soul, and if you’ve experienced it – you know there’s literally nothing like it.

Since 2002, Need2Soul have brought sweet vibrations to London’s underground music scene, making a distinctive impact on its renowned club culture. Cherished within electronic music communities across the globe, they have hosted some of the scenes leading lights at unexpected, intimate venues, attracting people from all walks of life to their famed Sunday sessions, from music fanatics, to celebrities, drawn by Need2Soul’s free-spirited environment where the music has always taken centre stage.

Having hosted events a most of London’s established venues and chosen amongst a handful of nights to host closing dates at The End and The Cross, Need2Soul were amongst the first to set down a path that would lead to the warehouse movement which swept the UK in the mid naughties.

These final two shows promise to celebrate Need2Soul’s incredible journey, offering party-goers a chance to see them off in style they so deserve.