N.E.R.D & Rihanna Drop ‘Lemon’ Like Its Hot

Get ready to be bouncing off the walls after N.E.R.D just dropped a hot one! And Rihanna what more can we literally say about the hottest feature on the planet right now. After linking up with Kendrick on ‘Loyalty’ and DJ Khaled on ‘Wild Thoughts’, of course Rihanna would jump on a N.E.R.D beat and do straight business!

But wait this isn’t the only version out there, there’s an original N.E.RD only version featuring Pharrell on the verse completing the circle with Chad Hugo and Shay Hayley.

Although Rihanna only makes a short cameo on what looks like the first drop of a dance tutorial for ‘Lemon’, we got a feeling ya’ll about to realise just what it means to be bouncing hard off an N.E.R.D beat…. check the video to get a fully choreographed taste of it.