Next Up in 2016: House Of Pharaohs Turn Up

South London collective House of Pharaohs know they’re about to change the game and they’re not alone in believing that. When it came to selecting the next league of artists for 2016, picking House of Pharaohs was a unanimous decision.

Ask Semtex, “House of Pharaohs represent the next generation, they’re a prolific collective with a fresh energy. They’re not trying to conform or fit in, they do what they do and do it well. Just make sure your not performing after them!

Added to the bill at Arrival with Vince Staples, they tore up the stage with their support slot taking no prisoners when they massacred the crowd. Check out the video above from their debut Arrival in London featuring the full ‘House’ of AJ Young Soul, Kevin Taylor, Danny Stern, Nyshy Bandanna and Sam Wise.

House of Pharaohs showed us in 2015 what they’re made of, with their visuals to ‘1:11‘ and ‘Mean Muggin‘ and a new video for ‘Southern’ dropped at the end of 2015 from their ‘Southern Stamp‘ EP. Now get ready for some new music in 2016, just don’t tell us you didn’t see them coming!