Next Up In 2016: How Bryson Tiller Cracked The Codes

Bryson didn’t kick down the door, he didn’t saturate the streets with mixtapes or features, but he cracked the code.

He didn’t go for the mainstream, he didn’t make a crap Euro dance track to get put on, he didnt go down the same route as his alledged competition.

He came through without the djs or the co-signs, but he gained fans. Savage loyal fans that literally ‘turn up’ and turn out as recently witnessed via his debut European tour which was sold out within minutes.

How did he do this? How can he crack the Billboard chart, sell out tours, and have the coolest people talking about him like he’s the best kept secret without the usual hype or methods?

It cant just be down to great music….can it?

You got the secret, you got the hidden knowledge…

I cracked the codes.

You’ve come through different, you’ve come through with heat, you’ve come through with anticipation, everyone who’s cool was talking about you. I’ve seen it happen before but not like this…

Alot of people have been saying that actually.

How did you do it?

It’s a secret. I really don’t know how it happened to be honest, some people would call me an industry plant or whatever.

Lets address this, what is an industry plant?

I looked it up, I saw 5 people say yeah he’s an industry plant and I was like what is that, so I looked it up and it was like somebody who just starts blowing up, and just acts like all these magnificent things are happening to him out of nowhere. That’s kinda like the truth though, all this stuff is happening to me out of nowhere, like every other week it’s just something crazy is happening. I get a call about this or I don’t know, for the past year its been like this.

What’s the secret?

I think SoundCloud is the secret, SoundCloud is the wave man, I always felt like it was before I started doing music again and I was just like ‘man this is dope, how come alot of people don’t use this‘. I see Kanye started to use it now, I just think it’s dope.

What makes SoundCloud better than other ways of listening to music?

YouTube is specifically whenever you try to listen on your phone and you wanna listen to someone on YouTube and you have to back out of the app to go to text somebody or scroll down Instagram, you can’t do that, the song would just shut off, which is weird. But with SoundCloud you can just back out of the app, thats the no.1 thing for me as a consumer. But as a user, I feel like the fact that you can retweet (repost) music and then get followers, it’s like Twitter but with sounds instead of tweets, I just think that’s dope.

You’re not from New York, you’re not from L.A, you’re not from Chicago, you’re not from Atlanta?

Or Houston or the six…

You’re from Kentucky – how? You come from an area that isn’t really known for Hip-Hop and R&B and the world is a smaller place thanks to the internet, but coming from Kentucky what was that like and does that give you an edge over other artists?

I was just telling somebody, thanks to the internet I’m here right now in London thats crazy, because there’s no music industry in Kentucky, the only people that have made out there doing what i’m doing R&B, is a group called Playa that Timbaland was working with. You’re probably more familiar with Static Major, he’s on a song called ‘Lollipop’ with Lil Wayne and he wrote a bunch of hit singles for Aaliyah and Ginuwine.

Is it being away from everybody else that makes you focus?

I don’t really mess with anybody for real back home anyway, I just by myself, like my best friends out there, I just chill with him, and when I get free time I’m in the studio.

Who influenced you as an artist, there’s alot of different things going on in the music but it sounds futuristic at the same time?

The Dream is one of my biggest influences, he made me want to start writing songs, T-Pain – these dudes to me are like the dudes that are kinda rapping and singing at the same time, or Trapsoul, whatever you wanna call it. Drake is my favourite artist, Kanye’s inspired me, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, alot of people to be honest, I listen to them all.

What about the sounds, in terms of calling your project TRAPSOUL, who are you checking for when it comes to Hip-Hop and Trap music?

Man J-Cole is amazing I’ve been bumping him tough, J Cole, Kendrick, those are the people I’ve been listening to as far as Hip-Hop goes. Trap music, I’m listening to Future, I feel like Future took it worldwide, just made everybody appreciate it.

Recently you did your debut show in the U.K, how did that feel?

It was cool, it was surreal for real, because like I said I’m in London it’s crazy.

Queues round the block?

Yeah, there was alot of people, I just spoke to someone and she said she couldn’t get in. Someone told me there was 400 extra people at the door that didn’t get to get in.

You’ve toured with Travis Scott in the U.S, how was that?

It was dope man I love his fans, his fans are so turnt, you’ve been to a Travis Scott show?

I Dj’d for him…

Crazy, they are wild man, the way they react to my music I appreciate that so much, like especially like the turn up stuff like ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ and ‘Rambo’ and ‘502’, like they go crazy to those and honestly they like my R&B stuff too, but I just love the way they react to my music.

What do you think of the new Kanye joint ‘Real Friends’?

I love em, ‘No More Parties in L.A’ and the other one called ‘FACTS’, I love all 3 of them. I’ve been bumping those back to back to back.

‘Views from the Six’, ‘Swish’, two big albums coming out this year, which one of those do you think will have the biggest impact?

Probably ‘Swish’, because it’s been a minute and people are trying to see what he’s gonna do after ‘Yeezus’, and based off that last song he just dropped, its like you said he took it back, so I think alot of people are excited for that album.

Any plans to work with Travis?

We haven’t talked about it yet, I think he’s gonna remix one of my songs before anything and then go from there.

You feeling any U.K acts, have you had a chance to check out anybody from over here yet?

Section Boyz I haven’t heard any of their music yet. But WSTRN I like their music, they’re dope and obviously Skepta, he actually did one of the shows with me in Boston, I think it was Boston. We both opened for Travis it was dope, they was rocking with him tough.

First time in the U.K, TRAPSOUL’s popping off so whats the plan for the rest of the year?

The tour, I’m doing a tour over here and a tour in the U.S and then trying to make another project. Cos I’m gonna be so busy throughout the whole year, so its gonna be kinda hard, but anytime I’ve got like 2 weeks off I gotta be in the studio.