Next Up in 2016: Post Malone Album In March

Catching one of the earliest interviews with Post Malone straight off the buzz on Soundcloud for ‘That’s It’, Semtex brought the man himself to the U.K for his debut sold out London ARRIVAL show in 2015.

We caught up with Post Malone backstage in London for another interview to talk about the past year and what’s coming next in 2016. Since signing his deal with Republic Records last year, Post kicked off the new year announcing the March release for his debut album, kicking off the plug on Christmas Day with his new video ‘Boy Bandz’ (watch above). There’s no question in our mind that Post Malone is in our league of Nation as ‘Next Up in 2016’ – watch him make his moment matter this year.

If you haven’t watched the video from Post Malone’s U.K Arrival with his exclusive interview with DJ Semtex, then you can watch it right here or read the full interview below;

Post Malone we just witnessed your debut show in the U.K, debut Arrival night – how do you feel?

It’s very lit!

Did you expect to see that response?

I mean, I as hoping so but it just happened to be very very turnt up.

What track surprised you the most when you saw the response?

Probably ‘Thats It’, people were singing, everybody knew all the words, it was very very cool.

Post Malone 21

How important to you is that joint ‘That’s It’?

That’s very important, thats the first song I put up on SoundCloud, when I woke up it had 7,000 views and it just went. Thats kinda what motivated me to go for it. Its the first song I ever put out on SoundCloud.

So we’re backstage its hectic at Birthdays, the show was sold out months ago and it was like a zoo tonight, it must have been emotional for you?

No it was very very cool, I was on a very high point and I love London.

‘White Iverson’ is blowing up out here and I know its been a minute but its only just kicking in here right now.

I mean I couldn’t tell it looked crazy tonight and you know thats what I see, I see the performance and it was very very lit and everybody came out to show love and you know I couldn’t tell that it was just blowing up, it seemed like everybody knew it since the beginning of time.

The first time we talked, you talked about drinking pints in Wolverhampton, you’ve blown up alot since then, now Diddy immortalised the phrase ‘mo money mo problems’ are you finding that right now?

No. I had no problems, thats it I just live my life, I’m just being me, taking it day by day figuring it out when it comes along, cos you know I’m 20 I’m still figuring alot of stuff out and you know I’m just letting it ride, just letting it go with the flow.

I think the vision for where you’re going to end up and where you’re taking things musically, you’re gonna surprise alot of people right?

I think so, I’m not trying to surprise nobody, I’m just trying to make music that I like, you know I’ve always loved hip-hop and I’ve always loved folk and rock and you know I wanna bring it all to rock together, a sound that is tasty, unique and fresh. Just whatever y’all like let me know.

Who’s inspiring you right now lyrically and production wise?

I always listen to, the only people I listen to is Fleet Foxes, Hank Williams, Future and Young Thug and thats really it, and today we just listened to alot of Maroon 5. Maroon 5 has so many hits that you can’t even name em all thats crazy.

What was it like working with Kanye West?

Scary! Scary, very very very scary, cos you know I’m sitting there recording vocals with my headphones on with the audio effects, you know the reverb, all that shit and he’s sitting like like right there and he can’t hear the effects so it just sounds like I’m making weird noises, so I was just like nervous but you know it turned out cool. He played the song at the fashion show and it was very very cool, very very uplifting experience for me.

Who do you want to work with next?

I really wanna work with Fetty Wap, he’s so talented too and I’ve been on him since like a long ass time ago, and I think he’s a really really talented guy and I think he as a very very unique cool sound.

You both came up the same way through SoundCloud…

Yeah Soundcloud is popping, he just put music out, kept putting music out and it just went nuts.

I think you two would make a crazy banger…

I think it would be a crazy crazy crazy song, very epic song, very monumental and very gargantuan.

Is that close to happening?

I hope so, Fetty please, every interview I say Fetty please c’mon man, lets go.

So whats next, cos you’ve been popping on SoundCloud, ‘White Iversons’ done its thing, you’ve been running the internets, what do you wanna do next now that you’ve got this higher learning?

I mean what’s next, you know hopefully just keep on making music, make a single, put out the next single, and then put out the album. I think the moment that I put out the album people are gonna really get a taste of where I’m coming from and if they like it than thats fantastic. But you know if people don’t wanna rock with me I just gonna keep making music that I like, thats really it, end of story. I’ma keep making music that I like not matter what, so I guess thats whats next. You know wherever the road takes me and wherever  the wind blows me, just keep on rocking anyway that you go.

You grew up listening to rock music, you grew up listening to hip-hop, how did hip-hop raise you?

You know my dad put me onto everything Ice Cube, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, all the classic stuff, Outkast. Fat Joe my first CD was ‘Lean Back’ Fat Joe, you know the Terror Squad CD. Growing up very young, my dad had a Lincoln, he would turn it up all the time, he had a that drop top Lincoln, and it was very very lit and he just taught me to appreciate everything. So you know the hip-hop aspect, I guess I was in a rock band, I was in a hardcore band, I was in a folk band and I was in all of this stuff but you know whenever I came to realise that you know this is what I wanna do, I wanna be by myself and make music by myself I like to make. I think thats when the hip-hop came in I was 15 years old and recorded my first mixtape at my friends house and just put it out and everyone loved it. And I said I gotta go to L.A and make it and you know I linked it with FKI and we made music that was good and listenable and you know thats really it.