Next Up In 2016: Something About Nadia

There’s something about Nadia.

Born and raised in the streets of Croydon, at the age of 22 there is no doubt that she is an incredibly articulate, audacious MC who can tear any track apart, any style of music. But there is more to Nadia than that. She’s got an intimidating, nonchalant swagger that separates her from every other MC.

Even when she’s not in rap mode you can feel her aura, she’s got that fire in her soul that is ready to ‘flame on’ at any moment. So where’s the inspiration from? “My mum you know,” explains Nadia “Probably sounds cliche but she’s actually the ultimate g, her XP bar is completely full, she’s ruthless and always gets what she wants.”

Nadia is cocky, she doesn’t fuck with ‘them’ or anyone else that wastes her time. Sonically she’s unpredictable ’Station’, ‘IDFWT’, and he new joint ‘Boom’ are very different styles. She isn’t Grime or UK Rap she has her own lane, her own style and she can stand next to any of the lyrical dons from her hometown. Last year on my show she dropped a killer freestyle over a beatbox backing track provided the Black Obsidian who switched up the styles and the tempo.

Her heritage reinforces her versatility, “Word up. My mum is Ghanaian and my dad is Jamaican; best of both worlds as they say” Combine this with the fact that she was raised on the psalms of Eminem, Nadia was always going to be a problem, “I’m a massive Em fan, through both his rise and fall I’ve stuck by him. Any mood I’m in he pulls through for me and for that I’m grateful.”

Expect many more ‘rude, ludicrous, lucrative lyrics’ from Nadia in 2016, and she’s more than an MC as she points out “Well firstly, I wouldn’t even say I’m an MC, feel like more of a magician. I wanna break boundaries, wow people, do things that once seemed impossible oh and I definitely need me a Grammy.”