Nicki Minaj & Beyonce Were Feelin’ Good At TidalX

Who doesn’t want an antidote that includes Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, face it no matter how many tech blogs wanna roll their eyes at Tidal, they weren’t rolling their eyes oggling on that performance last night at the Tidal X concert.

Nicki and Beyonce had every reason to be bouncing along to ‘Feeling Myself’, they were flawless on stage last night, perfectly choreographed for the livestream audience as well as the Brooklyn crowds that turned up. They don’t call her queen for nothing, Bey had it on lock down alongside Nicki in their first performance together which segued from ‘Feelin’ Myself’ to a mash up of Travi$ Scott’s ‘Antidote‘, with some 7/11 moves and another verse from Nicki.



For all the tech media assaults and PR mishaps of Tidal, the smug satisfaction of Spotify’s Daniel Ek is wearing thin, while the intention to take back ownership of music is a valid one from Jay and partners, it’s stands in contrast to the ‘take it all’ attitude of the Silicon Valley billionaires who’d rather operate as pure global monopolies.

Jay-Z is one of the few artists who’s obtained control of his original masters after he bought himself out of his Def Jam deal, he bought a stake in the Barclays arena where he happened to stage Tidal X, and then sold it to set up Roc Nation as a sports agency. One of Jay’s key tech partnership deals with Samsung led to the free download of “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” and is likely be renewed with a new partnership deal with Tidal according to rumours.

Whatever the future is for Tidal, the rise of moguls like Jay-Z and P. Diddy, with companies like Revolt and Tidal is no doubt down to their relentless pursuit to rise from the bottom and build empires with a majority black-ownership to rival the interests of big media corporations.

While Silicon Valley celebrates the ‘fail fast and fail early’ culture for it’s homegrown tech start-ups, there’s a marked irony in the fact that it’s also been the first to throw muck at some of the early mistakes at Tidal. While the battle continues on, Tidal has certainly stepped up when it comes to live concert streaming quality with TidalX.