Nicki Minaj Goes H.A.M on ‘The Pinkprint Freestyle’

‘The Pinkprint Freestyle’ sees the return of the Rap Queen as Nicki Minaj does a takeover over newbie Young M.A’s own viral hit ‘Ooouuu’.

It’s a two part, 6 minute straight up bars over bars freestyle, with multiple references to key moments over the past year that had all ya’ll tongues wagging. Nicki starts first and foremost with a “Shout out to Lil Wayne for signing a lil chick from Queens”, and from there it’s all up for grabs as the Queen keeps watch on her throne. Going in with references to Nicki’s testimony at Meek Mill’s probation hearing, to her partnership in Tidal, a shout out to Foxy Brown, and schoolin’ everyone about her success, Nicki ain’t messing.

Flipping the beat on Part 2 of the ‘The Pinkprint Freestyle’, Nicki rides over Shabba Ranks’ classic ‘Ting-A-Ling’ dropping M.I.A lyrics about all that paper she’s been bringing in as a certified brand in her own right.

Checking her lyrics instantly on Genius, Nicki was quick on the trigger finger to clarify the intent of the lyric – “Young MA, its the female Jay.”

Better believe with the freestyle fire she’s just put on us, there’s no doubting Nicki plans to hold onto that throne for a long time yet.