Get Funked Up On ‘Like I Love You’ By Nií

Nií has something special, so special that she’s been looking kinda good to us since featuring on our ’17 On The Frontline’, and although she’s only had a few SoundCloud releases to date, her new track is fire, and it’s exactly why she glows.

Doing it again with the unique and era defying sound (produced by herself, of course) Nií has created another innovative song about love. Think funky guitars and smooth bass, add a hint of trap and infuse with silky vocals – sleek, sexy and oozing with confidence from start to finish, ‘Like I Love You’ gives you it all.

“I was watching Pretty Woman and quite like every other person afraid to say what they really want from someone they really like, Vivian was giving all the looks and entendres but was actually saying very little. So I imagined what she would really say if she broke into song and mixed the sexual attitude of Prince and added a sprinkle of crud (Trap).

That’s pretty much how the song came about. It’s about saying ‘I love you’ in the most simple and blunt way possible. Small small battles with which accent to sing the song in because I am, of course British, but it’s a matter of conveying the story how it’s envisioned for me more than simply telling you where I’m from. Not to mention I have a range of stories, accents and voices on my hard drive, including British, that I will be sharing very soon.”

Till then, stream ‘Like I Love You’ on SoundCloud, iTunes and Tidal.