Nines Does It With ‘One Foot Out’

The music scene in the UK is scorching right now and we’re currently spoilt for choice with all the new music being released. One release that a lot of people have been waiting is from one of the most renowned rappers in the country, Nines.

Church Road’s champion has been putting out music consistently since 2011, with 4 mixtapes to his name already and fans have been flooding social media ever since news dropped that a new album was on its way. After a spontaneous wacky races type run around central London, projections were seen with the ICB logo on a massive scale with the word Midnight underneath. It didn’t take long before the timeline was aflame with the notion that Nines would be dropping his long awaited album ‘One Foot Out’ in a matter of hours.

“Still out ‘ere wholeselling / But my pen’s gonna get me out this trap like 007” 

An official studio album has been anticipated for a long time and ‘One Foot Out’ follows on from his previous mixtape ‘One Foot In’, making this his first official step into a label home after his signing to XL Records. Nines is one of those artists who has the roads on his side and can guarantee a million views in a short time every time he drops a track.

“I started this rap ting on my jack jones / so fuck the industry, they can’t kick me out the game like smash bros”

With features from J Hus, Tiggs Da Author, Hudson East and Akala alongside producer credits from 5ive, Menace and Jevon, the album comes in at 16 tracks. Coupled with the fact that Nines is a wizard with metaphors and has the ability to paint pictures in your mind with his bars, ‘One Foot Out’ is guaranteed to satiate appetites hungry for fresh bars.

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