Nipsey’s Making Independent Music Moves

Hitting the headlines in 2013 when Hussle made $100,000 in a day by selling a 1,000 copies of his mixtape Crenshaw for $100 apiece, suddenly overnight Nipsey’s currency had increased exponentially.

When Jay Z bought 100 copies for himself, it seemed Nipsey Hussle had clocked onto something no one else was doing, so he pulled out the same technique on the next album and this time offered only a 100 copies of new record Mailbox Money for $1,000 each as part of his Proud2Pay campaign. With a dedicated fanbase to his name, the limited editions came with one-to-one experiences including concerts, priority access to exclusive music, gifts and even special access to fans in the U.K.

Check out the interview with Nipsey Hussle after his sell-out Arrival gig in London at the O2 Academy where he talked to Semtex about why he’d decided to go the Indie way.