Noname Is More Than Just A Name On Her ‘Telefone’ Debut

Noname may have taken a while to answer the call for her ‘Telefone’ album but answer she has indeed and finally graced us with her debut 10 track project.

Chitown’s Noname dropped the Gypsy from her name earlier this year, and has been promising the deliverance of ‘Telefone’ for some time since her first feature ‘Lost’ on Chance’s ‘Acid Rap’, keeping her keen watchers on hold.

While Chicago’s renaissance has continued to build, the enigma around Noname hasn’t subsided as she’s stacked up a worthy catalogue of features on each Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment project. Marking herself out with a notable freestyle flair that’s personified at peak on the collab ‘Israel’ (sparring) with Chance the Rapper, Noname is a gifted poetic lyricist. “Sparring is training for an apathetic halo” and for Noname that training has been executed across rare solo’s and features on projects including most recently Jamila Woods ‘Heavn’ as well as Kirk Knight and Mick Jenkins projects.

3 years in the waiting, ‘Telefone’ feels less like a series of conversations as first anticipated but a series of stories illustrated with words worth of quotables. Weaving in guest artists who flow seamlessly alongside her own lyrical prowess, Noname brings a brighter side out of her contemporaries from Raury, theMIND, Eryn Allen Kane to Saba who all lend a hook or a verse to ‘Telefone’.

If the 1st of August does anything other than fall into one of the quietest months for music, it’s also a chance to savour something magic from Noname – a name is just a name, but Noname is more than most. Listen to ‘Telefone’ below;