North & South Connect to Create  the ‘Rocket x Scorcher’ EP

Music knows no bounds. So when artists from opposites sides of the city link up in a studio to make music, it’s a good thing. Scorcher, from the North side of town joins forces with South London’s production duo Splurgeboys to release  the ‘Rocket x Scorcher EP’.

The interesting thing about this collaboration is that the Splurgeboys have split like meiosis to individually use different skills in this project. Rocket has a prominent role as an MC whilst Tee executive produces the project.

I’m not sure if the decision to release this EP was rushed but looking at the lack of creativity regarding the artwork and the name, that may have been the case. I mean, using a rocket and lightning emoji as an EP cover, although relevant to their monikers, is a bit leave it. Especially when Splurgeboys boys have access to a photographer in Rianna Tamara who I have no doubt would’ve created a shot a thousand times better. Being a photographer, I’m quite opinionated when it comes to cover art so this made an impression on me.

Fortunately, that quickly moved out of my mind by the thumping bass in the first track and their lead single ‘Timbo Flow’ which was premiered on Manny Norte’s Capital XTRA. I’m presuming the name comes from the chorus which sounds inspired by the late Aaliyah’s ‘Are You That Somebody’ and is also featured in the new film ‘The Intent’ where Scorcher flexes another side to his artistry and plays an acting role.

Splurgeboys have proven themselves as good producers. Creating well known songs for the likes of Skepta, Fekky and Dizzee Rascal, they’ve carried over their low end subwoofer shaking beats to this project. If you have good speakers, the songs on this EP will keep you moving. In fact, prior to writing this, I listened to this during a 5k run and Rocket’s flow on these beats reminded me of garage MCs and the way they used their voices to keep the party jumping. Since listening to ‘Cluster Bomb’ I’ve been saying “Wha gwarn fam” in Rockets voice and being reminded of the song which touches on the subject of distinguishing the difference between your friends and acquaintances.

Scorcher has been spraying bars for a while now. Known from the collective ‘The Movement’ (Please make an album guys. Please) he uses clever punchlines and signature flows which suit the different beats that were chosen for this EP. He sounds hungry and eager to release the same type of energy seen in the role he played in Channel 4’s Top Boy. Scorcher is an MC that can stand with the best in the scene and this EP shows that he’s gearing up to jump from the acting world and back into making music. From the first songs he shows his lyrical skill and wordplay which he carries throughout the project.

The ‘Rocket x Scorcher EP’ is a collection of songs touching on various subjects from being deceived by a beautiful woman -‘Gold Plated’ – to paying homage to independant women doing their thing – ‘Carpe Diem’. It is not one dimensional. Drawing from experiences, Rocket and Scorcher has created music that, on one track or another, listeners will relate to. The production overseen by Tee is consistently good as expected by Splurgeboys and both Rocket & Scorcher showcase their art on the microphone. They have come from opposite sides of the city to form an alliance which has resulted in a decent EP. No doubt we’ll hear more collaborations in the future.