‘Nothing More’ But Growing Pains for VB and Sue Lily

The trap sound is clearly a driving force of today’s soundscape but rarely is it blended with sweet sounds. In this case Sue Lily and VB combine to create a powerful ode overflowing with a melodious energy balanced perfectly by the vocals sitting aloft.

Sue Lily’s tone is beyond soothing – dreamily blessed with the delicate lilts of a folk singer whilst steeped in beautiful soulful feeling. Her tale of unrequited love is touching, an appeal for more yet an acceptance of her own strength to move forward.
And VB’s verse is his honest response to the topic of commitment, glory and gain the blinding light that dominates the thoughts, ultimately leaving the comfort of a relationship in the shadows of his past. With this being the second track from ‘Growing Pains 2′ by Nang, the first being Bobii Lewis’ ‘Special’, ‘Nothing More’ strongly continues to highlight the plethora of RnB talent in the capital.
So whilst we wait for more from the Nang compilation ‘Ralph Hardy Presents..Growing Pains’, soak in the beautiful sounds of Sue Lily and VB. Stay locked for more!