Novelist Speaks to ‘Girls Around The World’

Grime is not particularly known for it ‘girl tunes’. When Tinie was walking around in a very baggy jumper talking about his wifey, it was an anomaly.

I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t more of those types of songs. Grime is known for its high energy and masculinity. But even a roadman has a girl that he’s willing to box a man up for. There weren’t an abundant amount of songs that spoke about situations that occured during relationships. Songs like You Were Alwayswere one of the early Grime tunes which somewhat described feelings felt by young men in council estates that I’m sure would be understood in other locations.

Bringing it back to the present day, yesterday Novelist released ‘Girls Around The World‘ which offers an insight to his feelings for his girl.

I like songs like this because it doesn’t sound like he’s being contrived and saying things that he thinks girls wanna hear. The honesty is respectable. A contrast from songs like ‘Peng-a-leng’ and bars like ‘mmmmmm yeahhhh!’, this song shows growth and reveals another side of Novelist.

Bare other chicks are buff but that’s not enough, you’re my only one

Grime can be perceived as one dimensional. With songs like ‘Text Me Back’ Skepta used Grime music to speak about relationships and bring fans to the other side of the musical spectrum. Novelist has used his production skills to create what sounds like a lighter side to his darker Ruff Sound. His lyrics don’t gloss over his musical personality. With the first bar being “First thing I told when I met you was, I am G” and cleverly using a tagline that we’ve heard from him before he’s made it into a chorus.

Who told you badman don’t cry? Whoever said that, tell them they’re right / But still I’m gonna be by your side, I’m joking, if you cry then I might, ya get me.

I feel that songs like this are important. As young black men, most find it hard to explain these types of emotions to their girlfriends, let alone their male friends. Novelist choosing to use his artistry to create something for others to listen may promote listeners to open up to their significant others. I’m all for that. Anything that enables communication is a good thing and couple that with a cool Grime tune, best of both worlds.