Now It’s Out There, Chance The Rapper Will Be On Beats 1

It’s out there alright – Chance The Rapper is the latest artist to be joining the irresistible lure of the Beats 1 stable. Within just days of DJ Khalid’s premiere run on the station, Chance The Rapper’s announced that he would be adding a new show to Beats 1, during his guest appearance on Pharrell’s ‘OTHERtone’ show.

What more is there to say, Beats 1 is rapidly taking shape and changing the landscape of radio as we know it – with just 3 anchors and a ‘who’s who’ of presenters there is no other radio station that has the capability to get those deals and create the kind of platform for artists that Beats 1 is building.

In light of a week where no rules became the rules, surprise releases from Rihanna, Future and Beyonce took charge of a new way of doing things, pushing the media industry into a different conversation about the value of music. Chance the Rapper talked to Pharrell about his take on the independent grind, explaining that he wasn’t trying to be the ‘only independent artist’ who’s doing the things that he’s doing, simply saying “I am trying to lead a change, artists are stronger than they’ve ever been before”. The music industry is clearly facing a point of inflection, where platforms like Beats, Apple Music, Tidal, are giving artists the power to place their own value on music and put it out the way they want to.

There’s a new world that drums to the Beat of 1 – and the focal is global, Beats 1 are single-handedly revolutionising radio in a way that’s almost super-real.  If you’re sitting at home at 11pm on a Saturday night listening to Dr Dre or Drake present a show, that’s an experience in a whole other dimension that’s never happened on radio before. If you’re a fan of Elton John or a fan of Jaden Smith, or whether you’re being introduced to new music from the U.K through Julie or Stormzy it’s an altogether different kind of experience. Adding personalities like DJ Khaled and Chance The Rapper who are sealing the deal not just on Beats 1 but on Apple TV, Apple Music is evolving into a celebrity led internet radio and streaming service that’s has bigger than life personalities like Mary J Blige and Pharrell.

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