NxWorries Give The Visual Treatment To ‘Link Up’

What do you get when you mix an angered comedian, a groovy liquor store and a musical pairing between producer Knxwledge and LA’s Anderson .Paak? Well you get a ‘Link Up’ from NxWorries.

Can I get a “Yesss Lawwwddd”? Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge aren’t wasting any time. After dropping their introductory EP ‘Link Up & Suede‘ as NxWorries, the pair have just dropped the visuals to the groove-heavy, undeniably bump-able track ‘Link Up’.

Sampling Brazilian musician Cassiano’s 1976 track ‘Onda’, ‘Link Up’ perfectly encapsulated the musical hotness that blends both soul and hip-hop in the perfect packed form of NxWorries.

The video is shot in a Los Angeles liquor store and features a vex, and highly intoxicated, comedian Eric Andre demanding (from a very nonchalant looking Knxwledge): “How the fuck am I supposed to get fucked up tonight on three pino’s? You know I got a tolerance!” After knocking off Andre, the corner shop turns into a dream, you get “bad bitches on the liquor” and .Paak asking you to “dance with me if you can keep up“. You got Knxwledge sitting there trying to make beats, girls slamming down domino’s, liquor flowing throughout – and a surprise cameo from Earl Sweatshirt, who just wants a beer (check out at 2:31).

The sounds of .Paak and Knxwledge together as NxWorries are so, so, so refreshing and are basically what I would imagine Outkast would be if they were linking up for the first times making music in 2016, utter vibes.

NxWorries are dropping their full length album in May this year, but I’m pretty sure the ‘Link Up & Suede’ EP should keep you going until then.