Obongjayar Stops Time In ‘Endless’ New Video

Obongjayar returns with spiritual new release ‘Endless’

Back in October Obongjayar announced his presence in UK music with nocturnal ballad ‘Creeping’, directed by Frank Lebon it was a debut drop that set tongues wagging. Taken from his first EP ‘Home’, Obongjayar set the stage and toyed with the very notion of ‘Home’ across four tracks.  “That’s where home is, finding yourself and who you are,” he told me when we sat down in January this year.

I don’t want to be consigned to a certain area ‘cos I’m very musical. I’m not a rapper, I’m not an MC – I just make music”  he went on to tell me then. Now, with the release of his new track ‘Endless’ Obongjayar takes on themes of mortality. Produced by Moses Boyd and boasting a visual helmed by the acclaimed director and photographer Matilda Finn, ‘Endless’ “explores the celebration of life in death. How we never really die but live through our work and our effects on the people around us and our environment”.

Bass heavy and deeply rhythmic, ‘Endless’ is another ‘go-left’ moment from an artist that refuses to be boxed in: “If you put yourself in a box, you can’t break out from that. And that’s the sort of mistake lots of people make, you put yourself in a category and say, ‘I’m this’, then you go to the studio; and you’re feeling a vibe, do something you’re really feeling but can’t put it out ‘cause people already labelled you a certain artist.”