Ocean Generation Presents: Beyond A Click

Beyond A Click launches as a new platform aiming to tackle current global issues through the use of social media, music the arts and culture.

November 8th saw a host of young specialists, activists and survivors coming together to address some of the biggest collective issues of our time. Trey Qua, Joy Mumford, Dom McAllister, Loop, Jodie Abacus and Marlon Roudette were all chosen to perform original material on the night alongside a selection of speakers.

Emily Penn, an Ocean Advocate and skipper spoke about her experiences over the last 10 years living on tiny Pacific islands that are already only a few feet above sea level, and the environmental challenges she faced there as a result. Addressing the urgent problems we face as a society, Penn confronted the issues in our oceans and the changes plastic and other toxic pollution is creating and the ways in which we can act now to resolve them.

Founder of Ocean Gen, Daisy Kendrick, a Dominican resident and recent hurricane survivor Victoria Nassief, who was on the island with her family when the category 5 event ripped the island apart, both spoke of what it’s like to go through a natural disaster. Highly charged and deeply personal, Victoria at times found it difficult to recount the memories throughout the course of the interview. Recalling the realities of losing contact with and not being able to communicate with her family, Victoria describes escaping with her sister to their uncle’s storm bunker, the storm knocked out all phone and mobile lines as well as all water supplies, meaning they had to bathe in rivers for 2 weeks – an incredible story of survival that underlined the realities of what will be an increasing phenomenon in the coming years, with rising global temperatures.

YouTube’s rising ‘Science and Maths’ guy – Matthew Schribman was also on hand to speak about what most of us already know. The fact that the majority of our young generation already knows and accepts the inherent dangers of climate change, and our urgent need to reduce our CO2 footprint. The key now is to act – in our economy, if the people ask for change, the brands need to supply that change.