One Birthday Joyner Lucas Isn’t Celebrating

Undoubtedly one of the bravest voices in hip-hop, Joyner Lucas draws out the heart of darkness with his vivid storytelling that’s both unnerving, as it is conflicted coming loaded with some real talk.

Whether you’re for planned parenthood or for taking the road that fate draws for you, Joyner draws a picture in his words and visuals that’s both powerful as it is reflective. Since going head to head with Busta Rhymes on ‘Jumanji’, after his fierce bars on his breakout on BET’s Cypher, Joyner is finally getting the right kind of attention. An MC’s kind of MC, its all about technique, to lyrical exercises by rapping backwards but without a story to tell, words don’t hit the force that Joyner’s stories do.

There’s only one birthday Joyner wanted to celebrate this summer and doesn’t look like he’s planning to share any birthdays anytime soon. The Massachusetts MC, spits on a verse so direct that its jarring to watch him go so hard in the face of a young baby – ‘I had my whole life figured out, leave it to you to fuck it up‘. Watch the video above and get uncomfortable.