Only ’22’ Yet IDEH Shows Us Soul Alchemy

Soul music is tough to define but for me it’s all about a feeling that is soothing, focused on love and rooted in honesty.

Many artists of our generation grew up on the likes of Lauryn Hill, Teedra Moses and others, but all have added their own twist to the soul genre which amounts to an alchemy of soul, RnB and hip hop. With all that said, IDEH is a name who you need to take note of as she understands this equation and is emphatically memorable in her execution.

Having taken Soundcloud by storm last year with a casual cover of Janet Jackson’s ‘Got ‘Til It’s Gone’, ’22’ shows people that this lass has more ideas to keep the momentum rolling. The mix is perfect, literally the track sounds like the soundtrack to floating through the ether on a magic carpet, shout out producer @IamVBeats. And the vocal is soul personified…husky yet clear, powerful but still delicately alluring and the hook is a mantra that’ll have even those well past the age singing along in nostalgic reverie.

IDEH is one to watch, do yourself a favour and dedicate some hours of your day to repeatedly appreciating ’22’. More coming soon.