Othasoul Are In A Different Place In Time

London collective Othasoul are worth a listen, ‘The Remedy’ is a 14 track body of work, it’s not an EP, it’s not quite an album but it’s the beginnings of something promising.

There’s no question that this is a carefully constructed boom bap style Hip-Hop record, with cleverly articulated soulful rhymes in a laid back delivery reminiscent of the ‘hippy era’ of A Tribe Called Quest. With some artists feeling the pressure to put out material constantly, the value in spending time to craft, curate and create music is apparent in their project. Othasoul have certainly been digging in the crates and pulling out some old skool influences into the making of ‘The Remedy’.

The collective of Louis VI, Dozer Carter and DMobbs are a promising collective that may have to keep pursuing their lane with determination and dedication. Othasoul don’t slot through a current commercial filter but it’s touching and it’s got soul.

Standouts on the project include ‘The Sickness’ with it’s jazz/ blues fuelled feel and stellar collaborations include singer Nikki Cislyn, rapper Knytro and Soulection’s Tom Misch. ‘The Remedy’ certainly isn’t about making a case for why they make music, they love music, and Othasoul will be on a mission to get you to love their music too.

Download The Remedy