Catch this Outburst from Manga Saint Hilare

About 3 years ago, I heard ‘Lunchtime At Art School’. The musicality more or less required me to work with this artist. Manga has been in the Grime scene from when Wiley was shaking a leg with your auntie. Known now as Manga Saint Hilare, he has switched up his approach and presented a more personal, artistic side of himself. Projects like ‘The Reluctant Adventurer’ and ‘White Jean Suit Confidence’ serve as great examples of the different sounds he can create.

Hot up all the best MCs in your crew ’cause any boy can get the third degree / Confessing all my sins in the room ’cause radio was like church to me

Even though his songs like ‘Addicted To Black’ can suggest a more introspective view on the world, Manga is never far away from jumping on a set and shelling it down with witty lyrics and topical references. To refresh your memory, Manga Saint Hilare is back with something new for your headback.

Sitting on a sofa outside surrounded by things that can be associated with the MC, Manga performs OUTBURSTXX01, a lyrical exercise that demonstrates the level that he operates on. As the Roll Deep representative eloquently flows on a fresh nostalgic Wiley production that sounds like it was baptised in the files of Da 2nd Phaze, Manga touches on topics such as people with hidden agendas, recycled music videos and the importance of music in his life.

Pree’ing and plotting everytime they’re seeing you grow / Tryna’ hate on your plans if they aint being involved / Tryna’ keep you in the past and hold you back any time that they’re seeing you grow

Grime has always been a reflection of what people experience living on ends. But life goes on and people grow. Music should follow suit and reflect those changes. If you have listened to Manga Saint Hilare throughout the years you would’ve heard how he has evolved and showcased his life experiences through his songs. Something that we are sure to hear on his upcoming project ‘Outburst From The Outskirts’. But, until then, enjoy this example of Grime music.

You can catch up with Manga’s discography on Bandcamp and Spotify