Paper Tiger Lift the ‘Weight In Space’ ft Shafiq Husayn

There’s something they say about ‘Weight In Space’ it doesn’t exist, and sometimes it’s just that feeling of weightlessness that’s exactly what you need on a heavy day – something to lift you up out of your rut.

Paper Tiger, began in a bedroom in Wolverhampton as a music-obsessed British collective who now live out their Beats, Rhymes And Life in Leeds. Tripping off their live spaced out funked up sound, it’s almost reminiscent of a generation of musicians out of the British Acid Jazz era. After a two and a half year hiatus they’ve dropped ‘Weight in Space’ featuring L.A’s Sa-Ra member musician/MC/producer Shafiq Husayn, and it’s got us all light as air with those vocal hooks.

I don’t know but I really wanna know how this Leeds outfit brought that California feeling to ‘Weight in Space and turns out reaching out to Shafiq was just a case of bridging that channel divide with creative dialogue – “We approached him without really expecting to hear anything back – Sa-Ra and all of his work has been hugely influential for us – and not only did he respond, but he contributed to the writing and production too. The final result blew our minds” said Paper Tiger’s Greg Surmacz.

Packaged up the single comes accompanied with an animated visual (above) from Prefix Studios and a remix by One-Handed Music’s producer Bastien Keb, who, strips it down to a mellow groove. We’ve already been transfixed by that growing LA beat scene for just long enough to get the sense that something of a wave is ready on the rise over in the U.K- take note people!

Paper Tiger are ready to ‘Blast Off’, with their 2nd album out on May 27th on Wah Wah 45s, with featured collaborations including Shafiq Husayn, Chester Watson and Pyramid Vritra (Stones Throw/Odd Future).