Parris Robbo Gets Dark On ‘Autistic Shit’

Prepare yourself for some grizzly dark visuals with the latest video from Ipswich reppin’ Parris Robbo.

With an intensely eerie production and some cinematic thriller inspired visuals, Parris Robbo dons his tradmark ski mask in a haunting woodland. The visuals tell a dark tale, and is basically a mini movie, with Parris waking up at the end – was it a dream or reality?

Reeling off lyrics, flowing like a stream of conscioussness, Parris is driven by the need to be authentic in his music. ‘Autistic Shit’ is the first release from Parris since his December 2015 project ‘Young Punk’ which blended traditional rap beats, alongside elements of ska punk and a dash of grime – it’s really eceltic.

While the visuals for ‘Autistic Shit’ give us a further taste of Parris’ overal aesthetic – both sonically and visually. Check out the fully independent visuals for ‘Autistic Shit’ by Parris Robbo above.