Patiently Waiting for Dr Dre

It feels like Xmas eve. Its crazy. Are we gonna get what we’ve been waiting for? Is it really going to happen?

Are we really going to get a new Dr Dre album after 16 years?
You know its not going to disappoint right?
You know he’s going to change the game once again right?

Watch the Deep Cover video below, doesnt matter if you’ve seen it before, play it. Turn it up real loud.
This was the moment Dr Dre started his solo career and introduced a new artist by the name of Snoop Dogg to world.

Dr Dre is that guy that moves the needle, brings balance to the game. New sounds, new artists are about to be launched. Just a couple of hours left.

Do me a favour, don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t speak to me until 10am after I’ve had time to marinate and absorb the beats he’s been perfecting. Are you ready?

Hell Yeah!