Perfecting The Beat With Boi-1da

Behind the biggest artists are some of the dopest producers in the game. As Drake ascended into the upper echelons of success so did 40 and Boi-1da.

Both producers have 2 very unique sounds, and both producers have attained their own respected positions within the culture and the music industry.

Boi 1da owned 2016 and most people don’t know why. Most people don’t know that he is responsible for the soundtracks to their lives, or realise that his drums have the hardest knock in the game, those same drums have fuelled the careers of Drake, Jay-z, Kanye West, Eminem, and more.

For season 2 of the ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ podcast we kick it of with Boi-1da, an architect of sound who has changed the game, but stuck to the same method of perfecting the beat that enabled him to enter the game.

This is an insight into how he does it. This is how he started from the bottom, developed his production skills, and cracks codes.

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Catch Boi 1da performing at the Camden Assembly, London March 5th.
Tickets available here.