Peter Cottontale Takes A Chance

After hearing from those who’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Social Experiment sessions, it is no wonder that the sessions going into creating the album ‘Surf’ have become almost legendary.

Peter Cottontale has been credited with a major contribution to the production and instrumentation on the ‘Surf’ album and we caught up with him recently in London after the rousing Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment gig at the Electric in Brixton.

Peter’s a Chicago alum, a Jazz/Rock/Blues producer and keyboardist who’s experimental approach to the project and album has really upped the anti, ‘It was a big learning experience for all of us, one thing I would say is I learned a lot about production, got to collaborate with people, that taught me a lot and hopefully they got a lot from our vibe in the studio.”

When Cottontale laid down his magic on the track ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ it straight up put the new wave of Chi-Town talent ‘Chance The Rapper’ and ‘Vic Mensa’ on the radar.

When asked why the album ‘Surf’ was free, Peter said “I don’t know if I can answer that question for everyone, but I will say its a really cool gift, if I was a listener and saw that I’d say that was a really cool gift.”

So much experimentation went into creating the album and yet the sounds seamlessly flow throughout the album, Peter explained how there was no set process in deciding what made the cut – “I don’t know, completed songs that completed the vibe of the album, when you have one cohesive project just the songs that fit together. Donnie wrote a lot of these tunes, sound great, just the ones that flow together on the album”

Peter with the Social Experiment.
Peter with the Social Experiment.

For Peter his approach to music is simple – ‘Just stop and listen to what you’re listening to, there’s a lot of stuff going on sometimes, so take some of it away’.