1/3 - RAW Factory Tour, Pharrell Williams
2/3 - RAW Factory Tour, Pharrell Williams
3/3 - RAW Factory Tour, Pharrell Williams

Pharrell: “There Are So Many Memories In Your Jeans”

Back in February, the forever fashion forward Pharrell Williams officially became the co-owner of G-Star RAW, anointed as the ‘Head of Imagination’.

While Pharrell is widely known as a super producer and artist, his flirtation and passion for fashion throughout his career has been notable and consistent. Alongside being one of the world’s greatest beat-makers, he’s not just a musical icon, but a culture icon and a style icon who also became the recipient of the official CFDA Fashion Icon last year. In an interview with Vogue, Pharrell said: “I get my style from just random people, everyday people — like, construction is interesting to me. Everyday things, you know, service uniforms, sports, skateboarding, norm core, grandma sweaters — all of that stuff is interesting to me.

But it’s more than just random people who’ve been influenced by Pharrell and presenting the award to him, Kanye spoke of his influence, “Pharrell has always been my style idol and there would be no me, no A$AP without Pharrell.

Pharrell a master collaborator and innovator in music, has managed to replicate that spirit of creativity into his fashion collaborations since 2004, partnering with Louis Vuitton for jewelry and eyewear, Moynat for leather goods, Timberland for boots, Comme des Garçons for fragrance, Moncler for sunglasses, Adidas for footwear, Uniqlo for t-shirts, as well as creating his brand of clothes, Billionaire Boys Club.

Pharrell’s latest partnership is more than any other of his partnerships, this is the first time he’s stepped into the role of a co-owner of a global jeans brand. Following his successful collaboration with G-Star on the RAW for the Oceans project with Bionic Yarn, the official announcement of his new co-ownership of G-Star Raw just feels like an ideal fit in the continuous cycle of Pharrell’s reinvention.

Embracing an ethical quality to fashion after 10 years in the fashion game, Mr Wiliams’ and G-Stars collaboration began in 2014 on Raw for Oceans, transforming recycled ocean plastic into denim. That in itself is revolutionary, taking all the crap we have in our oceans and doing a world first: making jeans from recycled ocean plastic. In the two years since Raw For The Oceans launched, there have been four collections, and last year the brand used an estimated two million plastic bottles and 1,000 tons of plastic debris approximately in its products – now that’s impressive.

RAW Factory Tour, Pharrell Williams
RAW Factory Tour, Pharrell Williams

As Pharrell opened up his new denim home to a select group of guests to the RAW Factory at G-Star’s HQ in Amsterdam, bringing along a bunch of friends for the factory tour including Miguel, A$AP Rocky and Jillian Hervey from Lion Babe. Going through G-Star’s 35,000 piece strong archive, denim design studio and research lab, A$AP Rocky reportedly walked around impressed saying, “That’s dope!”.

G-Star archives are home to racks upon racks of rare vintage workwear, military gear, and American sportswear dating back at least half a century – but beyond archives it’s our personal connection to jeans that Pharrell took it back to, “There are so many memories in your jeans,” he said. “From the punk who writes on them to a merchant [who works in them]. Your denim is your canvas, it’s your photo album.

This year the dons of the denim world celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their iconic G-Star Elwood 5620 jeans, and with a new musically inclined Head of Imagination, Pharrell’s co-ownership seems like a perfect fit. At Paris Fashion Week, Pharrell was spotted donning a pair of custom-made 5620 G-Star Elwood jeans. The 3D design means the jeans are sculpted around the wearer, and Pharrell’s customised pair meant they were made to fit him, and only him.

Pharrell in Elwoods Image
Pharrell in Elwoods

Over the years, Pharrell has etched himself as a style icon with a sharp tongue for fashion appreciation in his lyrics. Carving his position in the fashion world as an icon, we’ll be sitting tight and waiting to see what’s to come next with his new designs for G-Star and of course that hotly anticipated N.E.R.D album.


In celebration of the 5620 Elwood 3D Denim jean, G-Star are hosting an exclusive in-store session at their Oxford Street flagship store, with DJ sets from Snakehips, DJ Semtex and Eli And Fur. To be in for a chance to grab your spot at this exclusive celebration follow the steps below:

  1. Follow G-Star Raw on Twitter/Facebook
  2. Use the hashtag #GStarElwood to enter.

Or email us with your full name and DOB to before Wednesday 12pm