Phony Ppl Are Yesterdays Tomorrow

Phony Ppl have taken their time, honed their craft and built up a slow and steady following that’s had these guys on the come up for some time, simply they are yesterdays tomorrow.

Are Phony Ppl comparable to a rap crew like Pro Era, a collective like Odd Future, or are they more in the vein of a band like The Roots? They’ve been doing something that’s been changing the architecture of Hip-Hop without anyone noticing that they’ve done it already and Phony Ppl are everything and more than they seem – maybe they just don’t fit in no genre.

Coming straight outta Brooklyn, this hip-hop and R&B group feature a group of classically trained instrumentalists, future proof MCs, and smooth soulful singers. Lyrically their bringing Brooklyn to life through a new sound wave that’s been created out of a classical tradition and moved into the future lucidly. At times they sound like a band from yesterday, but its like nothing you’ve heard before.

Phony Ppl architect their sound on live arrangements and their songwriting pushes the boundaries of Hip-Hop and taking listeners to an astrological plane. With a loyal fanbase behind them since day one, once their first studio album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow dropped something quite unexpected happened, their fans downloaded the album at once and the album charged up the iTunes chart. For those who hadn’t heard of Phony Ppl they were confused how an album made on little to no budget had crept up to the front page of iTunes.

It’s taken 5 years, 5 mixtapes and playing over a 100 live shows including opening for Erykah Badu, The Roots, and Theophilus London to get here. The band members are trained musicians; Matt a percussionist who studied at the Manhattan School of Music; Aja Grant a classical composer and keyboard player, who arranged and conducted the live strings and winds for the orchestral arrangements on Yesterday’s Tomorrow; guitarist Elijah Rawk and bassist Bari Bass.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is Phony Ppl’s fifth official album release but to some its like a debut album, with more fans to win and more live shows to do, they’re not ready to stop. “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” could just be an album that’s ahead of its time but Phony Ppl are doing something in the world of hip-hop that will make us look back from the future and say ‘damn they were good’. Like the cult classics that suddenly get discovered and become treasured genius bodies of work – we’re just saying don’t sleep on Phony Ppl.

Their new video ‘Smoke to Get Sober’ has just hit the net and reminds us that nothing is always as it seems, what “If Down Was Up, And Up Was Down, And Everytime You Spoke, You never Made A Sound”, would we see just Phony Ppl or would we be looking at true artists?