Pink Canvas Presents ‘Dear Male Ego’

20 year old portrait director, Darnell Depradine reveals the trailer for his latest work – a look at modern masculinity.

Entitled, ‘Dear Male Ego’, Depradine’s 16 minute short seeks to peel back the curtain on the workings of modern masculinity. Accompanied by five song soundtrack (also executive produced by Depradine), ‘Dear Male Ego’ is the work of a young visual artist looking to explore the toxicity of unchecked hyper masculinity.

The soundtrack EP features production from Likkle Jay, with songwriting and vocals by Josh Kai and additional vocals and production courtesy of Navan and Jefe, ‘Dear Male Ego’ promises to be an absorbing portrayal of the millennial male.

“Releasing my first visual EP will be very exciting as it is something different. To produce an EP and direct a short film simultaneously really pushed me as a director as well an artist – in creating art that was truly honest to me.”  Depradine said of making this short film.

Released in full August 14, Darnell Depradine is a director with a lot more to say.