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Places and Faces
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Places and faces

Places+Faces In Your Space

Ciesay skirts the globe, while Soulz stays grounded in London and together they reveal the real moments behind rap royalty – Places+Faces are a rising British duo of lo-fi photographers.

Always addicted to tracking down his idols, locating Ciesay is like tracing a cheetah in the wind – there’s no telling which city he’ll be in next until shots start popping off all over the place on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. His partner Soulz, plays it low key in and around London but never second guesses when theres a picture to be taken.

Harder to find and lucky if you can get your hands on it, is the Places+Faces printed zine, features a curated selection of images with Hip-hop’s finest show in candid moments, behind-the-scenes and captured on film by Ciesay with his disposable camera. After a month of begging we finally got Ciesay to part with a few shots.

Together PlacesandSpaces documentary-style offers a gritty style, long missed as the raw quality of film photography is becoming a lost art.