Who’s ‘Bringing The Soul Out’ To London?

Fresh off the back of his new video for “White Iverson,” Post Malone has come thick and fast with a new track titled “Holyfield”, produced by FKi, Rex Kudos and Charlie Handson. the Austin-based artist namedrop another sports legend, the boxing heavyweight Evander Holyfield – whose ear was bitten by Mike Tyson in an infamous bout.

Speaking with Semtex in a recent interview Malone explains his inspiration behind the hypnotic sonics of his soulful melodies and delivery “I used to just rap, like a year or two ago I was just rapping, and I kept listening to the old music that I was always listening to, like Elvis and stuff, I wanted to stream what I was saying, so that’s where the soul comes from, the old melodies from a long time ago, bringing the soul out, and bringing the sauce out and the originality.”

When prompted about when we could expect a new album, mixtape, EP or anything, Post Malone didn’t seem in any rush to reveal his plans quite yet – “I don’t know what you would call it, but there’s definitely a project coming soon. Very very soon, with some crazy type of stuff on it! And I think everybody should be excited because it’s music that’s never really been made like this, so we’re gonna turn it up a bit.”