Post Malone On Drinking Pints And Getting Braids

Its a hot day in New York and locking down Post Malone for an exclusive interview  ….

Where did it all start for Post Malone?

Well, I’ve always loved music – I started listening to Metallica, my Dad took me when I was eight, and I was always singing their songs and everything, and I had to get a guitar, and I just started playing guitar and that’s where all my music started, I was eleven years old. It just started there, and I always loved hip hop and everything, and I just wanted to incorporate all the old country rock and everything with hip hop and everything and make it cool.

Who were the first rappers that you heard back in the day – who inspired you to do what you do today?

Biggie – me and my Dad would always rap Biggie!

It’s crazy as well, it was like BIG’s birthday yesterday and if he was still here, what do you think it would be like if he was still alive?

Oh, I don’t know! I always think about that, like what if he could rap over trap beats right now, that would sound crazy, but I think he would still be killing the game right now. How old would he be?

What if Big could rap over trap beats right now!

You did a track called ‘Too Young’ – was that kinda the inspiration for what you did with that? ’cause it’s a dope track, but it’s also kinda a little morbid at the same time.

The inspiration came from A$AP Yams, but it applies to everything, like rest in peace Yams, rest in peace, people just go before they time, before they could achieve what they wanted to, you know? So it’s crazy, but you gotta enjoy life while you can – that’s where the dopeness comes from, it’s also a celebration of life as well, a morning song, know what I mean?

Do you ever have a fear of going too early yourself?

I feel like…I don’t know, there’s been times where I felt crazy, but I think – I hope it doesn’t happen – but I don’t think I have to fear it right now, I just wanna do what I wanna do, I wanna achieve what I wanna achieve before I go, you know what I mean?

I got the braids, and I said “I felt like white Iverson!”

You’ve really captured the essence of that feeling perfectly!

Well ever since I was young I loved basketball, so one day I told my friend to give me some braids, and I got the braids, and I said “I felt like white Iverson!” and he’s the best player of all time, so I had to make a song and pay tribute, because that’s how I felt. And ever since then it just stuck, and I made ‘White Iverson, made the beat and the verse, and it just blew up, it was crazy!

So what was it like, ’cause you’re white, right?


Some people automatically assume that anyone in Hip-Hop is black or mixed-race or something. How was it coming through, ’cause for a white kid to turn around and say “Yo, I wanna put braids in my hair and play basketball!” – did you get any kind of pressure for that, any kind of grief?

Oh yeah, they made fun of me a little bit, but not that much. They let me be me pretty much and left me alone. There was always a little bit of teasing, but whatever.

You can hear the Hip-Hop inspiration, definitely a Soulful inspiration, where does that come from?

I used to just rap, like a year or two ago I was just rapping, and I kept listening to the old music that I was always listening to, like Elvis and stuff, I wanted to stream what I was saying, so that’s where the soul comes from, the old melodies from a long time ago, bringing the soul out, and bringing the sauce out and the originality.

I’ve never heard an artist say what you’re saying about Elvis and Metallica….

Yeah, that’s what I grew up on! You gotta appreciate music, and it will appreciate you, you know what I mean?

‘Tears’ is one of the realest songs that’s dropped this year!

Oh thank you so much, I appreciate that man! Me and First were just sitting around and he had the beat…it comes from that old lady, that old lady on twitter? She was wiping her tears with money, and then we just turned that into a song!

Have you been to the UK before?

I’ve only been to the UK once, I stayed in Wolverhampton! And I went to Wetherspoons and they had free pints, so we just kept drinking pints!

Wow, why were you in Wolverhampton?

My friend had a convention out here and he just brought me along with him, it was not even music related, I just came over here, I’d just turned 18 so I could legally drink over there and I loved the UK, I miss it! I’d love to come back whenever!

You’ve been getting a lot of co-signs by artists, what’s been the craziest experience for you so far?

I think the craziest thing so far is that Wiz is always playing my music! Wiz really likes the music, so…I think that’s the coolest thing, like he’ll just play it at Coachella and everything, it was dope, it was very cool!

Meek Mills has been shouting you out as well?

Yeah, we’re hopefully gonna get into the studio soon. He tweeted the song, he said he wanted to get in, so hopefully a Post-Meek Mills track coming soon!

I’m hearing Drake’s feeling what you’re doing?

Yeah I met Drake at Coachella and it was very cool ’cause he knew who I was! We walked into his trailer and he was like “Is that Post? Is that White Iverson!” and he walked out and I was like “Oh, I didn’t even know you knew the song!” That was pretty cool, so hopefully I get to work with him soon too! And it’s dope too, I just figured out that Kevin Durant likes the song!

…and he’s like one of the main basketball players out there right?

Yeah, he’s crazy right now, and I shout him out in the song so it’s cool that he likes it!

Is there an album coming or the mixtape in the works?

I don’t know what you would call it, but there’s definitely a project coming soon. Very very soon, with some crazy type of stuff on it! And I think everybody should be excited because it’s music that’s never really been made like this, so we’re gonna turn it up a bit.

When’s that gonna drop?

I wanna say within a month, I wanna say within a month, my birthday is July 4th, I turn 20, so we might drop it on the birthday or some time before the birthday.

You’re 20, and you’re making some incredible music, it feels like you’ve been on the planet before?

It’s just the way that I was raised, great people brought me up to love music, and always listening to something even if you don’t know what it is, don’t have a closed mind whenever you’re listening to something, listen to the song.

Post Malone will be appearing live at his debut ARRIVAL show hosted by DJ Semtex on the 18th of November at Birthdays in London – tickets are on sale here.