Poté Brings Together Chelou X Kojey Radical On ‘Untune’

Ever the innovator, Poté returns with new single ‘Untune’ and the news his debut LP ‘Spiral, My Love’ is on the way. Bringing together Electro Folk singer Chelou and Kojey Radical’s distinctive cadence, ‘Untune’ is a glimpse into the next phase in the development of Poté’s sonic palette as he balances opaque synths, industrial orchestration and vocal manipulation to masterful effect.

“I like to play around with bass, and a lot of melody, and of course drums. I think drums are kind of a key essential in what I do.” he told us earlier this year. 2018, continues to be a year of multiple personal triumphs for Poté, fresh from touring with Bonobo on his sold out European tour; his upcoming debut album “Spiral, My Love” was signed to DJ and Louis Vuitton Musical Director Benji B’s Deviation Music label after one listening session.

Pay close attention to Kojey Radical’s confessional final verse and look out for Poté’s debut album September 21st.