Potè Returns With ‘Model’ Release

Fresh from the launch of his brand new label, Versicolour, Potè returns with another heavyweight House cut.

It’s been just over a year since the release of his debut ‘Over The Water’ EP, a shimmering three track teaser of billowing bass and funk – which was quickly followed by ‘Fire For Fire’ – and now Potè returns with bran new single ‘Model’ a follow up to ‘Verz’ and also the second release on the brand new Versicolour imprint.

The new single pulls no punches as you would expect from one of the UK’s brightest dance music producers “it’s an empowerment piece,” he says of the new track,  “I wrote Model to reflect something I see in a lot of my friends and people around me. Everyone has different versions of themselves due to experiences in life and the aim of the track is to encourage society (as well as myself) to be the best model of themselves they could possibly be. Positive, caring, loving and like a dynamite!”

‘Model’ is the chance to break with convention, and allow yourself room to grow: “another side to it comes through in the artwork, addressing how growing up I was perceived differently & certain behavioural traits would either be discouraged or encouraged depending on who I was around. I always felt I had to be either the black Caribbean boy or the boy who’s mother has a lighter skin tone. In short, always having to be a different model of myself in order to appease people. Model is about just saying fuck that, be the best you and be amazing!”