Poté Rises Up For An ‘Egosurf (For All It’s Worth)’

Poté is a name making waves, born in St. Lucia and based in London he’s been turning heads since he began making music for the Portuguese dance music label Enchufada.

Now focused on his own sound, Poté continues to carve out his own lane in music and his EP ‘Over The Water’ was our introduction to the many sides of this songwriter and producer. A tale of his childhood journey to London, told by Poté at the point where it all began. At a time where much music making is confined to emails between collaborators Poté’s sound stands out with live instrumentation, probing and curiosity, as he invites audiences to come along on the search for what he’s all about.

Poté’s forthcoming ‘Fire For Fire’ EP represents the next chapter and his new single ‘Egosurf’ is typically left field. Swirling electro synths mingle with spoken word vocals over this 3 minute single. Pote’s future sound draws on the best of funk and dance vibes in this electro love song.

Forward thinking, with echoes of Hot Chip ‘Egosurf’ is the perfect place to start Poté and his psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole.