Premiere: Tonga Celebrate 1 Year In The Mix

Nothing screams a 1st, louder than a 30-minute mix, and we’re getting down to celebrating Year One in Tonga Balloon Gang style.

Last week Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave, gave you a “peep behind the curtain” of all things Tonga, with their track ‘Make No Scene’ featuring Boy Better Know MC, Jammer. Today their 1st birthday mix not only serves as a cracking present, but it also compliments their monthly residency on Spotify.

Reflecting on the first anniversary of Tonga, Mike says:  “How we made it to 1, I do not know but now we have, it feels like we might make 10. Tonga Balloon Gang have turned most of the country into a zoo. Hopefully Europe will soon fall. More amazing musical collaborations with our party guests to follow alongside the Spotify show and perhaps a signature cocktail”.

This very here mix infiltrates a broad spectrum of rap, grime, garage and dubstep genres all in one, boasting a A-Z catalogue of bangers from across the channel and back to the U.K again.

Mid way through my first listen, I turned to mandem and said “Oi this mix is a bit lively!”. This signature cocktail will take you through the motions, a charged up set that’ll have your heart racing. So you know you need to allow this assortment of sounds to infect your audio devices and be your new playlist of preference.

November 14th is nearly upon us, and before Tonga Balloon Gang drop their 3 track EP, digest this mix in the meantime, it’ll have you jumping around like a bedlamite, truss!