Samiyam Drops 22 Track Album ‘Animals Have Feelings’

L.A based producer/beatmaker Sam Baker, better known under the moniker Samiyam, shares his aptly named album ‘Animals Have Feelings’ featuring appearances from Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt and Jeremiah Jae.

I always like an album from a producer, it’s literally like a compilation album — minus those shitty tracks you want to skip. It has the most imaginative production you can expect, plus random appearances from some of your favourite artists. In the case of Samiyam’s ‘Animals Have Feelings’ the sonic curator enlists only a handful of features on his massive 22 track album.

Linking up with gourmet-chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson for a track called ‘Mr Wonderful’, which is also the same name as Bronson’s 2015 album. Samiyam provides the instrumental and Bronson provides his signature crooning and (almost) indecipherable flow and smooth lyrics: “No more playing bitch, it’s time to meet the new me/ And they call him Mr. Wonderful/Take me, take me in your arms.” By the title of the Bronson single, it’s not clear if this one was meant to feature on the Bronson album too.

The feature with Earl Sweatshirt, ‘Mirror’ actually surfaced about two months ago, and caused a shit storm as it was apparently, supposed to feature on Earl’s 2015 album ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’. ‘Mirror’ is a real introspective cut from Earl, as he discusses his release from a rehab centre.

Features aside, Samiyam’s ‘Animals Have Feelings’ is by large a hip-hop and slightly electronic instrumental album. It’s one you can put on and loose yourself in and understand Samiyam’s sonic experiment. With random track names such as: ‘Tacho Cheese’, ‘Paddle Boat’ and ‘Turkish Vacation’, this is a step into the wacky world of Samiyam.

This one is brought to you via Stone Throw Records, you can check out the full album via iTunes or listen below to a stream of ‘Mr Wonderful’ below;