Professor Green Is ‘Back On The Market’

It’s all about the timing, and with UK Rap heading to a next level wave, it looks like an opportune time for Professor Green to make up for lost time. Dominating the UK battle rap scene way before most of today’s UK MC’s had even picked up the mic, Pro was already a certified beast with 92 Wins across 100 Rap Battles back in 2004.

Over the years, Professor Green has evolved from rapper to autobiographer, to hosting topical documentaries while being presented vicariously as tabloid fodder. Proclaiming “death to the celebrity”, this lucky maverick may have mastered the art of traversing between multiple layers of his media personality as a musician, celebrity and documentarian, yet he’s managed to dig deep into subjects close to his heart. From the plight of mental health to homelessness, Green is all things and yet anything but green when it comes to spinning bars on any rapper.

Now it’s time to get back to the music, Pro is stepping back into the game armed and ready to take on any battle with his critics. Famed before he was famous, Professor Green was crowned the first champion of The Jump Off Rap Battle and as an OG in this game he knows exactly how to throw punchlines to “piss on your parade”.

Professor Green is ‘Back On The Market’ donning his single status and no one can say this guy doesn’t bring all emotion to the game, and fuel a lot of emotion. Openly critical about his previous label and now signed to a new one, the E5 raised rapper is raising hell and fiending for a lyrical assault. On ‘Back On The Market’, produced by Zdot, Pro addresses a few rumours, sets the record straight, while raising a middle finger to everyone from the police to blokes and birds, and there’s nothing politically correct going on in this Professors lecture.

‘Back On The Market’ is the first track to be released from Professor Green’s forthcoming EP and precedes his first official single in nearly two years, due for release this Autumn. Premiered on Mista Jam’s show on BBC 1Xtra, listen to the new track below;