Public Enemy Are As Sharp As Ever

Where N.W.A were considered ‘The Most Dangerous Group’ in Hip-Hop, Public Enemy were reknowned as the ‘The Angriest Group’ in Hip-Hop.

The Public Enemy message and their powerful stance still resonates with fans today and nothing’s going to stop them – they still alot to say. The new album Man Plans, God Laughs from one of the biggest Hip-Hop icons and champions of change, Public Enemy is here.

Chuck D explained that Man Plans, God Laughs was created as a reminder, that “once we win one victory, another battle develops.” The album is driven by anthems that echo Public Enemy’s longstanding calls to break down institutional blockades and stand up for the rights of the oppressed, imploring listeners to “Give Peace A Damn”.

The earth without art is just, eh

“Me To We” also features turntable scratching from the group’s original DJ, Terminator X and Chuck D’s lyrics blend powerfully with the raw poetry of longtime S1W James Bomb who recounts the group’s emotional journey to South Africa on ‘Mine Again’.

Fueled by Chuck D’s fierce vocals and Flavor Flav’s euphoric delivery set to unrelenting beats and ingenious use of samples, Public Enemy burst on the music scene in 1987 as hip-hop heroes and sonic revolutionaries. Their debut record, Yo! Bum Rush The Show, “heralded hip-hop’s great leap forward” according to The New York Times. Their sophomore effort, 1988’s It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back, was added it to The New York Times’ list of 25 Most Significant Albums of the Last Century. 1990’s Fear of a Black Planet featured Public Enemy’s signature song, ‘Fight The Power,’ used by Spike Lee in his film Do The Right Thing. 1991’s Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black went platinum. By 1999, Public Enemy’s stance in the controversial Napster debate made Chuck D the voice of the digital music cause. In 2013, Public Enemy joined Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Run DMC, and The Beastie Boys in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Public Enemy recently tore up the crows at Wireless Festival in London and are set to kick off a European arena tour with EDM trailblazers The Prodigy later this year.