Puff Daddy Goes to ‘Auction’ With Lil’ Kim, Styles P & King Los

No one can stop this man, he’s intent on keeping his reigning position as the Forbes Cash King at the top spot with a continued  full scale assault of material from ‘MMM‘.

‘Auction’ reunites Puff Daddy with Lil Kim, and is directed by 90’s kingpin video master Hype Williams, bringing the original Bad Boy family on set in the classic black and white signature scenario of those classic posse videos like ‘Flava In Your Ear’ remix.

Puff Daddy and the Family drop ‘Auction’ as the next episode of ‘MMM’ following on from ‘Blow a Check (Bad Boy Remix)’, it’s still on subject with those money matters and flashy lifestyles.

Puff Daddy and The Family released ‘MMM as a prequel to his album ‘No Way Out 2’.