Puff Daddy Has Money On His Mind

Legendary and legend maker – Diddy still rules at the top of the chain as the No.1 Hip-Hop Cash King in 2015, the original empire maker, content creator and mogul, Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs aka P. Diddy epitomises the constant victory lap when you win big in Hip-Hop.

Is a Puff Daddy story inspirational or simply unattainable for most. Who really is aspiring to be the next Diddy when Diddy 20 years on is still ruling at the top of the game monetarily. Starting out as a promoter at college; an intern to A&R at Uptown Records; running his own label with Bad Boy by the time he was 24 years old – didn’t happen without his relentless hustle. In the 90’s millionaires under-30 had a lot to boast about in Hip-Hop, in 2015 under-30’s sniff at something less then aspiring to be a billionaire leading a Tech unicorns.

It’s always been and always is about the money when it comes to Puff. Post-capitalist strife and modern day money matters are a different kind of concern for the everyday man, but Sean Combs isn’t an everyday man, he’s a hip-hop mogul, and he can’t help thinking like one. Puffy doesn’t veer away from the subject of money, money is always on his mind and his mind is on the money.  Work pays. The hustle pays. Diddy knows how to make it pay. If you’ve worked with Diddy, you’re ‘WORKIN’ hard.

Diddy is hot off a new deal with Epic/Sony and before the ink is even dry, he’s already gifted us with a free mixtape. ‘MMM’ is Diddy doing what Diddy does – it’s big, it sounds big and it’s crisp. Diddy always wants more than everyone else and ‘MMM’ is an overt dedication to that drive, nothing less – it’s mastered to perfection, it sounds polished, no rough edges, it’s not trying to be raw, it’s constructed with a sparse beat structure and it booms. There are no woe’s in Diddy’s world, he’s about the WOE.

20 year hip-hop anniversaries are upon us, the 90’s is being celebrated and debated as the golden era of Hip-Hop, and this year some of the G.O.A.T’s are making a comeback. While Dre’s got to ‘Talk About It’, Puffy wants ‘All Or Nothing –  as the East vs West Coast rivalry is left long behind, there’s one thing that unites both moguls – they both still ‘want it all’ and they still want more.

The Facts – fairytale or a myth?

‘MMM’ is a mixtape conceived around the fictional character Mitch who was out to get ‘Paid In Full’ in the 2002 film. ‘MMM’ attempts to revive the spirit of the hustle, and living it large, opening with ‘Facts’;

“Money Making Mitch is this fairytale, you know, about this fly nigga from Harlem that came up and he did his thing, man. He was shinin’ on em, stylin’ on em, showin’ em how to do it, showin’ em how to get it. Maybe he was getting it the wrong way, but you know, the fairy tale of it is, most brothers and sisters end up dead or in jail… Imagine if Mitch lived and survived took those different talents and attributes and business skills and applied it to the world of business, man, the game, the legal game. So this is the fairy tale, man, and fairy tales do come true because we got millions of cats that’s coming up with that hustler’s spirit and drive and they got that Mitch in ‘em and they aint gon’ fall to the wayside… They gon’ take they street smarts and run the world. Cos the black man is god, and ‘No Way Out 2’ that’s how I’ma leave it on you”

The modern day hustle is going on over in the valley now – Silicon Valley – and the new fairytale is of unicorns, with a cult of believers who startup a start-up and dream to take it to an IPO. It ain’t enough to make a million – you gotta make a billion, so does the hustle to be a millionaire even count?

Regardless of unicorns, Puffy is a living reminder that music is still about making the hustle pay – and the title track ‘MMM’ is a stronger standout track with the hustler of the south, Future Hendrix dropping the hook ‘Money Makin’ Mitch’.

Music Is Free – But ‘MMM’ Ain’t Cheap

If there’s money to be made, ironically Puffy’s not going to make any off this mixtape –  it’s free – money may buy power but it’s the music that gave Puffy the money and the power and this is a power play. Go play it loud, cos the music is made to knock the base through the speakers and bang off the walls.

Puff Daddy was never about a solo affair – and true to form he’s made this a family affair, bringing on features from Future, Lil Kim, Ty Dolla $ign, Travi$ Scott, Pusha T, King Los, Jadakiss, Big Sean, French Montana and others – and their inclusion isn’t superfluous, each feature verse flows fluidly through tracks as the rappers do through Diddy’s studio.

‘MMM’ is the ode to the hustlers, and it’s a celebration of the No.1 hip-hop hustler who’s still winning big.