Queens Boss Liana Bank$ Debut Is ‘Insubordinate’

Levelling up the playing field may be part of your mission to prove you’re a girl boss, but without a little insubordination thrown in, you can’t expect to get the kind of attention you want and need – or can you?

“They told us to turn our swag down down down, so we made it even more loud loud loud. Light up the spliff, put rims on the whip, we work hard for this shit, so much harder than them. Only right that we level up.” 

When first hearing ‘LVLUP’ by Lianna Bank$what immediately stands out is the I don’t give a f**k attitude in her lyrics, and it’s also boldly exuded in her accompanying video, as she sings effortlessly confident. You just get that boss lady vibe from her, which just reinforces the fact that not enough female artists are daring to express themselves in this type of way, so when they do it’s refreshing 

With all her girl-attitude, it should come as no surprise that the 25 year old artist from Queens NY has previously written for the likes of Badgalriri and Nicki Minaj – but this time all eyes are on her with her debut project ‘Insubordinate’. The 12 track mixtape featuring the aforementioned ‘LVLUP’, kicks off with ‘Worth It’, an ‘all ears-on-me’ track which acts as a precursor for the rest of the mixtape as Bank$ introduces herself as someone who does what she pleases. “When you filter your art, you suppress your truths. You in turn, water down your message, your essence is stripped and you mask your identityIf you mask ‘YOU,’ how will anyone know who ‘YOU’ are? Fuck perception, Fuck Rules. ALWAYS DO YOU. Welcome to my no holds, zero fuck filled mix-tape, Insubordinate. Mocking the status quo and those who dismiss her dreams, ‘Worth It’ acts as a strong affirmation that sticking to what you believe in and making sacrifices will always prevail

A definite favourite is ‘Plead The Fifth’, a bass heavy headbanger where Bank$ reminisces partying hard but never being caught slipping“Ever had one of those nights where you got really, really reckless but was too gone to position your face into the dog filter on Snapchat and document it? Ever wake up like, ‘How the hell did I get on this boat, and why am I wearing pink pyjamas?’ Lol, then this song is dedicated to your wild a$$.” 

‘Tragic’ gives a similar message of self-focus, where the singer sends for those who question and watch her moves too closely, reminding them to mind their own. But somewhere in-between the recklessness and confidence lies Liana’s vulnerable side and it’s apparent in those relationship cuts ‘For You’, ‘Right Now’ and ‘Truce’, bringing out the other side of a boss. Can you really be as ‘insubordinate’ as you want, when your hearts on the line? 

Completely self written, ‘Insubordinate’ is an attention worthy debut project from Liana featuring smart wordplay with smooth vocals, over a series of R&B, electronic and trap infused beats. Produced by Needlz, YOBO, DJ Cassidy and more, the mixtape is available to stream now, listen below: