Ragz Originale Gets On Track And ‘En Route’

Ragz Originale drops his first release of the year in style with the polychrome visual for a track entitled ‘En Route’.

He’s been behind some of the biggest breakthroughs of the past few years, including production and co-writing on Skepta’s certified gold album ‘Konnichiwa’ with credits on ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Text Me Back’. Picking up from the major success of Skepta’s ‘Shutdown’ Ragz is back with his first solo release of the new year. 2016 was a one of peaks and troughs for many and ‘En Route’ sees Ragz take some time out to reflect on what’s been and gone, “Over the last two years I’ve had more ups than downs. A lot of things changed around me. ‘En Route’ is a true story about me battling with my conscience. I reflect on how things could’ve been without music in my life and anyone who knows me knows I’m an overthinker.”

Directed by Taz Tron Delix the visual is a feast of kaleidoscope colours; illuminating a story of London life, a weighty bassline only underscores his left field delivery. A love note to his synesthesia, ‘En Route’ is the result of literally seeing music in colour and one of those decadent times where audio and visual come together in sync to give you a glimpse inside the mind of the musician.