Raheem Bakaré Is Uninhibited On ‘Lucid Soul Dream’ EP

‘Lucid Soul Dream’ is the latest offering from Raheem Bakaré, a high end luxury soul EP with a vocal that delivers time and time again.

Bakaré released the single ‘LSD’ featuring Bento.BDA, a love drunk trailer of deep, twisted soul for the upcoming EP. Now, ‘Lucid Soul Dream’ is finally available to stream in full and Raheem Bakaré wastes no time taking listeners on a journey way down deep into your feelings.

Aptly named, ‘Lucid Soul Dream’ is a complete spectrum. No themes are off limits, Bakaré is happiest conjuring emotion with his music: from looks at love and dependency on ‘LSD’ to the melting, elemental ‘Forever You’ a track seemingly dappled with stardust, Raheem Bakare’s vocal soars and fans won’t be disappointed.

It’s all there across eight tracks, light and shade, love and regret, confidence and inhibition melded, twisted and spread out for enjoyment. Bakare manages to avoid the ‘neo soul’ pitfalls and sticks to creating music that is confidently of the now.

The voluminous bassline of ‘W I L D’ is an obvious high point a song of shedding inhibitions – a fantasy of midnight love that had Bakaré saying, “After breaking up from a long term relationship, you go through a stage where you are still attached to your ex; and even though more time you aren’t still sleeping with one another. It’s about releasing the frustration within the next sexual encounter. Do whatever feels right.”

Strictly nocturnal the EP is packed with undeniable soul heritage without feeling like a remake, both ‘Texpectation’ and ‘Ups and Downs’ give voice to those quiet insecurities one is often reluctant to admit. By now, Bakaré has supported genuine R’n’B icons: D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild and Bilal and in doing so Raheem Bakaré adds his name to the ever growing list of UK talent gaining endorsement from the very legends that first served as inspiration.

A showcase of his musicality and vision Lucid Soul Dreams leaves nothing unsaid. Stream or download the EP here: